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Welcome, I am not a blog person but I figured I try it out. The purpose of this page is to share my erotic art, shopping spot for adult toys picked based on your feedback, and information we all need, whether its STD testing, abortions or gender identity. I want to be able to provide quick links to that information. 

A little bit about me, I go by Moon or Moonie, artist name Moon Frankenstein. I am a mother of four and enjoy working with mixed media to create any visions I see in my head. My problem most of the time is that I want to try out every medium out there, but that also may not be a problem.  I love vibrant colors (as you can see based on my art). This page is more of a second business for me, you can check out my other stuff at Moon Frankenstein 


That's a random picture of me. I hope you enjoy my plans for this brand. Feel free to comment, reach out if you have any topics you may want to discuss or learn more about. This is a judgement free zone. 

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